A Peek into our Homeschool Day

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As I was putting my thoughts together for this post, I was thinking that if I were writing this a year or two ago, the description of our homeschool day would be so different.  We’ve had a lot of struggles in our six years of homeschooling, and many days when I wondered if we were doing the right thing.  So how have we gotten to the point where we are now? Well, that would take more than one blog post to explain!

But I feel like we have finally settled into a homeschooling routine and find ourselves in a fairly comfortable place right now.  I wanted to give you a little peek into our day, Q & A style.

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easy homemade christmas

Easy Homemade Christmas – Colorful Candy Tumbler

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If you need a fun treat for someone on your Christmas list, here’s a quick and easy idea.  These candy-filled treat containers are simple to assemble, especially since color-coordinated candy is easy to find.  These would make great teacher or room mom gifts, or a fun treat for a coworker or friend.

What you’ll need:

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Sunday-Only Flash Sales to Finish Your Christmas Shopping

I can’t believe Christmas is just two weeks away!  My family and I have been having a wonderful Christmas season so far.  We’ve hosted a cookie swap, gone caroling, attended a worshipful Walk Through Bethlehem event, and attended our church’s Christmas musical.  My heart is so full of thoughts of Christ’s birth, and we still have two more weeks of Advent to enjoy!

I’ve also been chipping away at my Christmas shopping list, and I wanted to pass along some deals I’ve found in case you’re still working on your list, too.  A couple are Flash Sales that are only good on Sunday, December 13.

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easy homemade christmas

Easy Homemade Christmas: Framed Scripture Verse with Free Printable!

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diy bible verse craft, free printable verse, 1 peter 5:10

When my Bible study group met for Christmas dinner, our leader had a surprise gift for us – framed printouts of verses we’ve been studying this semester.  As soon as I saw the picture frame, I knew I wanted to choose a verse and re-create the gift for you!

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Easy Homemade Christmas: DIY Vintage-Inspired Apron


apron, vintage apron

My daughters and I were staying in a condo in the mountains for a couple of days, just us girls, until my husband joined us for Thanksgiving.  We love doing creative projects together, especially during the holidays, so we headed to the brand new Hobby Lobby in town in search of a craft to do together.

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2 Mothering and Homeschool Podcasts to Listen to TODAY

Mothering and homeschooling can be difficult and leave us feeling isolated at times, so it’s such a blessing to find resources that encourage and inspire us to keep on, and that reassure us that our efforts are not in vain and are producing a wonderful outcome in our children.  Also that suggest ways in which we can enhance our homeschool experience and grow through the process.

I’ve found two podcasts that are inspiring me and encouraging me in this journey of motherhood and homeschooling.  Mackenzie Monroe and Sally Clarkson each have ministries that make you feel as if you have a friend coming along beside you, who know what you are going through, and who want to cheerlead and challenge you along the way.  Each of these ladies has recently launched into podcasting with shows aimed at mothering and homeschooling.

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Decluttering Diva Challenge: Day 2

*This post is the second in a series of the 5-day decluttering challenge from Mridu Parikh at LifeIsOrganized.com.*


Today was Day 2 of the Decluttering Diva Challenge, and the task was to actually deal with some of the clutter, i.e. get rid of it.  We were supposed to grab a trash bag, set a timer for 30 minutes, and toss any trash found in our top three areas (my 3 areas are the kitchen, van, and master closet.)  Trash was defined as any actual trash, in addition to items that are broken, dirty, expired, or just gross.

I didn’t have any appointments, so I hit my areas hard and ended up wearing myself out!

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When Holiday Plans are Different: Helping Kids Adjust

(photo credit: Kerrie DeFelice)

For most of our married life, we’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  My girls have always enjoyed helping with the cooking and decorations, making the kids’ table special, and welcoming our family and friends.  However, due to some schedule conflicts, we were on our own and away from family for “Turkey” day this year.

We hosted an early Thanksgiving meal the weekend before, but we celebrated the actual holiday out of town, just the 4 of us.  Our kids are like most kids (and adults!) in that they do not like change, and they had expressed concerns and disappointment about being away from home on the holiday.

How about your family – are you spending the holidays in the usual way, or are your holiday plans different this year? Here are some ways we can help our kids prepare for and enjoy the holiday even if things won’t look the same this time around.

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Favorite Thanksgiving Ideas and a Free Printable Planner

This year, we had our family Thanksgiving get-together a little early.  We enjoyed hosting our family members  and a dear friend, sharing fellowship and even playing a little music together.  It was a little strange to celebrate so early, but it feels like it extended the season a little bit, and best of all, I get to share the ideas of our day with you!

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