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Fun Activities for Groundhog Day

Even though Groundhog Day isn’t major holiday, in our home we try to make it a lot of fun.  We make sure we’re up early to watch the festivities and to see if the little guy sees his shadow.  And if the holiday falls on a homeschool day, we add in activities to make it fun.   Here are some things we’ll be doing to celebrate Punxsutawny Phil’s big day.

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5 Ways to Practice Math Facts (without Flashcards!), plus a $10 Credit @

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Learning math facts can be so difficult!  I know that they’ve caused some headaches in this house.   But not having a solid grasp on the facts makes new math concepts and subsequent math courses much more difficult.

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2 Mothering and Homeschool Podcasts to Listen to TODAY

Mothering and homeschooling can be difficult and leave us feeling isolated at times, so it’s such a blessing to find resources that encourage and inspire us to keep on, and that reassure us that our efforts are not in vain and are producing a wonderful outcome in our children.  Also that suggest ways in which we can enhance our homeschool experience and grow through the process.

I’ve found two podcasts that are inspiring me and encouraging me in this journey of motherhood and homeschooling.  Mackenzie Monroe and Sally Clarkson each have ministries that make you feel as if you have a friend coming along beside you, who know what you are going through, and who want to cheerlead and challenge you along the way.  Each of these ladies has recently launched into podcasting with shows aimed at mothering and homeschooling.

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