My Goals for 2016 (and Favorite Resources for Goal Setting)

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January is in full-swing and we’re almost a full month into 2016 – it’s crazy how fast the weeks fly by.  Especially since January is my crazy season at my job and I’ve been working long hours.  But things are slowing down and now I’m able to focus on the months that are stretching out before me.

In years past, I haven’t really been intentional about setting and meeting goals, but I’m excited about 2016 and ready to jump on the goal setting bandwagon.

Here is how I developed my goals:

  1. I came up with a blueprint for analyzing my priorities with the method that I wrote about in this post.
  2.  Then I identified the different roles I hold, and the goals that I want to focus on within each role.
  3. An encouragement that I received is to focus your goals not on what you need to do, but on who you want to become.¹ So after each category heading, I came up with a reminder about who this goal is helping me to become.

Here are the different categories I’ll be working on in 2016:

bible, bible study

Spiritual Goals

“I want to become a woman who has a close relationship with God and hides His word in my heart.”

  • Journal my prayers consistently (at least 3 times per week).  My prayer life is much more effective and focused when I take time to journal my prayers, but I have fallen out of the habit the past few months.
  • Complete my Ephesians study by May 1st (I’m doing the Journal and Doodle Ephesians study from Stone Soup for 5. (free download for subscribers)
  • Do a summer study of “Behold Your God” (I did half of this study last summer, and it is so rich and thought-provoking.)
  • Start a BSF study (or other large group study) in September

Marriage and Family Goals

“I want to become an intentional wife who is focused on loving and supporting my husband. I want to become a loving, present mom who makes an effort to train my children well.”

  • Plan a monthly date night
  • Read two books on marriage
  • Lead the girls through a study of missionary Amy Carmichael (winter/spring)
  • Lead the girls through a study of Ephesians (summer)
  • Choose a fall Bible study to lead the girls through (I would love suggestions on studies for elementary-aged kids!)
  • Take each girl on a one-on-one outing x2
  • More device-free time when we’re together


Job-Related Goals

“I want to become a faithful, effectve and content worker who labors as working unto the Lord.”

For my systems admin job:

  • Develop a better daily work schedule (and stick to it!)
  • Become familiar with the new system software release and develop training videos for users
  • Investigate replacing current system process with new software program

For my blog:

  • Investigate a new blogging topic each month (ex. linkups, social media, etc.) and make an action plan with what I’ve learned
  • Post at least 2x per week
  • Attend a blogging event or photography class


“I want to become a woman who is constantly learning and enjoying new experiences.”

Service Goals

I want to become a woman who generously gives her time to share the gospel with others.

  • Finish up the school year serving as an elementary small group leader
  • Volunteer as a  chaperone for an elementary retreat
  • Begin serving in our church’s middle school ministry in the summer/fall
  • Participate in quarterly assisted living music ministry

2016 is going to be a full year, like always, but I like the fact that this year I’ll have my list of goals to track how I’m doing.  I tried to list only the most important tasks that I want to accomplish, and I’ll give myself grace in other areas that aren’t quite so necessary. And I’ll look to Jesus throughout the year for strength and wisdom.

If you’re a goal-setter, how is it going so far?  If not, and you’re interested in setting goals (or tweaking existing ones), I’m listing my favorite goal setting resources below.  Let me know what you’re working on below or on Facebook – I’d love to send you some encouragement!

Goal Setting Resources:

  • Just a Girl and Her Blog: Why she only set 5 goals, plus free printable
  • Sarah Mae: A laid back, Type-B approach to goal-planning
  • Moneysaving Mom: How goal setting can change your life, plus free printables
  • Stone Soup for 5: I love the goals on this list! (although it would take me way longer than a year to accomplish all of this!)


¹Hybels, Bill. Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul.  Click here to read the FREE first chapter.

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5 thoughts on “My Goals for 2016 (and Favorite Resources for Goal Setting)

  1. What a great post. I really need to sit down and write out my goals for 2016. Thanks for the motivation. Thanks for linking up at Family Job Blog Link Up party. Hope to see you next week.

  2. These are some great goals for the year! I hope you are staying on track with them so far this month.
    I definitely agree that looking to Jesus for strength and wisdom first is the way to go. Also, thanks for sharing the resources for goal-setting. I love those bloggers and they have great content. Found you on the Faith Filled Parenting Link Up Party!

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