Decluttering Diva Challenge: Day 1

*This post is the first in a series of the 5-day de-cluttering challenge from Mridu Parikh at*

When I read that a de-cluttering challenge was going on during a week where I would be hosting 2 events in my home, I was all for it and immediately signed up.  I welcomed the encouragement to whip my house into shape as we head into the holidays.

Day #1

Mridu, our organizing guru, starts out the week’s challenge by defining clutter as any distraction which gets in the way of being happy and productive.  Today’s challenge was to identify 3 cluttered areas which are disruptive to daily living.

She pointed out that if you have a really messy area in your house, but it’s a room that you never go into, then that area of clutter isn’t really disruptive to your life.    Our assignment was to identify our three top disorganized areas that are derailing us and really focus on them throughout the week.

Here are my top 3 areas:

  1.  Kitchen
  2. Van
  3. Master Bedroom Closet

(At first, I put the bonus room in my #2 slot, but then realized that it doesn’t really fit with this challenge since I don’t spend a lot of time in there).

The next step was to set a timer for 30 minutes and take a laundry basket to each area, gathering any items that do not belong to that particular room.  Then, we were to set another timer for 15 minutes, and put away all of the items in the laundry basket.

I only had one 30-minute time block to devote to the challenge.  Here’s what I was able to clear in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms:


Later, I took a laundry basket out to the van and quickly filled it up as well.  I dreaded taking the mess into the house, but my family helped me put everything away.

I didn’t get a chance to de-clutter my 3rd area, the master closet, but as Monday is our busiest day of the week, I was just glad to get a chunk of the assignment completed.  I’ll add the closet task to tomorrow’s assignment since we’ll have more time at home.

How are things going at your house as you prepare for the holiday – do you have any de-cluttering tips you’d like to share?





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